NAPO-AZ April Chapter Meeting

Join us for a Zoom presentation with Aimee Olson, Founder of Life Done Simply.

Thursday, April 13th from 5:30 pm to 7:30 pm.

Zoom Meeting: Event Details will be Emailed to You

Aimee Olson is a holistic productivity & organizing coach, the founder of Life Done Simply, and a Past President for NAPO Minnesota. She has served on the NAPO Next2Lead Leadership Team and is currently a NAPO Ambassador and a Co-Lead on the Chapter Relations Committee.

Aimee takes tremendous pride in her dedication to her clients, and she hopes to inspire others to think of every session as an opportunity to be fully present for the client.

Showing up on time and being fully present for a client isn’t optional— it’s required if you want to maintain your professional reputation, command more money, and grow your business through referrals.

The skills revealed in this session will keep organizers better engaged in their client sessions, instill confidence in their clients, and keep them content and happy with their work for many years to come!

3 Course Objectives

-Attendees will learn how to stop stealing time and energy from their clients by eliminating three common, unintended behaviors.

-Attendees will create a personal readiness routine and checklist to ensure they are fully present & prepared for every client session.

-Attendees will identify their time and energy needs and develop an energy plan, so they don’t hit an emotional wall during their client sessions.

-Attendees will understand the monetary and emotional value of incorporating session prep and decompression time into their workday.


Apr 13 2023


5:30 pm - 7:30 pm


Virtual Meeting


Aimee Olson
Aimee Olson