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Business Description:

Sheri MacGregor, owner of Peaceful Paper - Peaceful Spaces, is a Virtual Professional Organizer and Productivity Coach who taps into 15+ years as an educator and mentor to help her clients break down their goals into bite-sized pieces that are attainable. Sheri helps to bring peace to their paper and digital environments.

After having medical and personal transitions in her own life, Sheri is now passionate about helping others find peace and joy as clients navigate through their own life transitions. With grace and encouragement, she coaches her clients to create systems and processes so they have more time to spend doing what they love. She also specializes in preserving memories as a FOREVER® Photo Ambassador. She loves helping clients save, organize, and share their photos and videos.

Sheri holds NAPO Specialist Certificates in Team Productivity, Residential Organizing, Workplace Productivity, and Household Management. She is a Paper Solutions, Retreat Trained, Workbox and Sunday Basket Workshop Organizer and Referral Partner with Organize 365. She serves as Director of Marketing for the NAPO Arizona chapter, and is a member of the NAPO Virtual chapter.

Virtual service areas for Peaceful Paper - Peaceful Spaces include the United States, the U.K., Australia, and Canada.

Service Areas:

Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, Chandler, Gilbert, Queen Creek

Specializing In:

Professional Organizer - Residential
Professional Organizer - Businesses
Productivity Consultant

Categories of Services:

Space Organizing
Downsizing & Decluttering
Virtual Organizing
Task & Time Management
Digital & Paper File Management
Productivity Coaching
Chronic Disorganization/ADHD
Sheri Leader Profile

Sheri MacGregor

Peaceful Paper - Peaceful Spaces

Gilbert, AZ

Residential Organizing Certificate

What is the Residential Organizing Certificate?

A deeper understanding of the common themes encountered in residential organizing. Additional knowledge of smart-space design, home inventories, and paper systems

Workplace Productivity Certificate

What is the Workplace Productivity Certificate?

Work with clients to address the challenges of inevitable life transitions, whether at home or at work, and teaching them the skills necessary to cope with adjusting to a new way of being as they let go of the familiar

Household Management

What is a Household Management Certificate?

Provide a holistic approach to the challenges of managing a household effectively and building strong structures around the activities and information encountered in the residential setting

Team Productivity

What is the Team Productivity Certificate?

Experts in working with clients who strive to boost their individual productivity and successfully contribute to goal achievement for their whole team.