February Newsletter 2022

Inside this edition:
-President Message!
-Meet the NAPO-AZ Proposed Slate of Officers & Directors for 2022-2023!
-Virtual Zoom Meeting with Lisa Woodruff from Organize 365!
-Join us for the 1st Business Partner Social!
- 2022 NAPO Annual Conference Early Bird Special Extended!
-Welcome New Members!
-Celebrate Birthdays & Anniversaries!
-Social Media Hot Spot!
-Learn about our Library!

Hello NAPO Family,

What an amazing January GO MONTH, we brought in 2022 with a bang!!

We had a very successful Home Show. Our booth was super cute and of course organized. We were able to let the public know what NAPO stands for and how we can help bring order to their lives.

Thank you to all the members who volunteered their time to pass out our new NAPO-AZ business cards and flyers. (I would love for all NAPO members to have a few to pass out). I am happy to report that 16 wonderful individuals want to hear more about our chapter and organizing. Just like many of us they did not realize that Professional Organizing is a career, so they were so excited to find our booth.

Shout out to our NAPO members who stepped up and presented at the Home Show. Missy and I spoke about our favorite thing: closet organization. Kayle, Rosa and Sheri spoke about organizing children's' spaces. Bridges spoke about the 10 Golden Rules of organizing, and yes, there can be that many rules.

Thank you to Eric Marshall owner of Kitchens and Closets by DEA
for our NAPO-AZ t-shirts.
We appreciate having you as a Chapter Leader and Sponsor.

What a special day we had for our GO MONTH Volunteer Day. We partnered with Furnishing Dignity to help out a single mom with six children.

Starting at 7:30 am we arrived at Furnishing Dignity's warehouse and chose home goods and furnishings that best fit the family's needs. After cleaning and packing the items, we loaded up two moving trucks and headed to the family's home.

The unloading, unpacking and organizing was quick and so much fun. The home looked great and the family was so thankful.

We all refueled afterwards with a yummy lunch at Pita Jungle. Thank you to everyone that took the day to give back and spend a special day as a team.

We are always on the lookout for micro volunteers who can make a major impact on a special project. We would love to know more about you and your skills and talents.
Please take the a moment to fill out this
Volunteer Form https://napo-az.com/volunteer/

Your Proposed Slate of Officers & Directors for 2022-2023!

The NAPO-AZ Nominations Committee is pleased to announce your slate of Officers & Directors for the coming year.

Voting will take place in person at the March 10 Chapter meeting and via electronic vote from March 5 - March 25.

According to the NAPO-AZ Chapter Bylaws, ARTICLE II, SECTION 2. Membership rights. "Members, including Professional Members, Business Partners, and Retired Members, in good standing shall be entitled to vote on matters submitted to a vote of Chapter members. Provisional Members, Employees of Professional Members, and Student Members do not have voting privileges."

You will cast one vote for the entire slate of Officers and Directors. The election results will be announced in the April 1 newsletter.

Below is the list of the candidates and the positions for which they are standing. Positions take effect May 15, 2022

President: Sarah Nieto
Vice-President: Cheryl Frager
Treasurer: Kayle Klix
Secretary: Amy Bearden
Director of Membership: Rosa Everson
Director of Marketing: Lexie Rayburn
Director of Professional Development & Programming: Kim Wood
Director of Business Partners: Eric Marshall

For questions, email Past President, Deb Lawrence, at: ppresident@napo-az.com or call or text her at 623.499.8384.


Lisa Woodruff is an organizational expert and the founder of Organize 365, which works to help busy people get their home and paper organized with functional organizing systems that work.

Lisa is also a best selling author of:

The Paper Solution: What to Shred, What to Save, and How to Stop It From Taking Over Your Life

The Mindset of Organization: Take Back Your House One Phase at a Time

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Save with Our Early Bird Rate: Extended Through March 31, 2022

The NAPO2022 Annual Conference is the world's largest gathering of Organizing and Productivity Professionals. Learn from Subject Matter Experts, Industry Leaders, and your Successful Colleagues as we meet again in person! NAPO2022 will begin on Wednesday, April 27th and continue through Saturday, April 30th, 2022.

At this time, we fully plan to proceed with our plans for an in-person meeting in April with COVID-19 protocols in place. Should those plans change, we will communicate with you as soon as possible. In the event of a full event cancellation, we will refund all conference registration funds already processed.

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Zsofie Held

Kim Wood

Sheri MacGregor  2/1
Crystal Goodman  2/4
Shelby Mandell     2/22
Felicia Robinson  2/22

Congratulations to our members
who are celebrating their NAPO-AZ Anniversaries! 

Bridges Conner     2/21/2010
Doreen Collins      2/1/2008
Spaulding Decon   2/25/2021

Thank you to those who have been tagging us and liking our posts!

Business Partners and Professional Organizers…. A big part of our mission is to *educate* and give our community solutions. We have a diverse group of businesses and organizers that function in special niches.

We have created an opportunity for you to share your specific expertise…

If you would like to be featured on a Tuesday tip during Go Month, we have a solution for you. NAPO Arizona will follow the weekly themes set from our national chapter. You may submit an actual statistic, if you include the source, or a simple 1-3 sentence tip. From your entry, a graphic and post will be created and shared in our feed for you to share with your business name, website, and hashtag.

This month, we shared tips in social media posts from Deb Lawrence of Deb Lawrence Organizing, Sheri MacGregor of Peaceful Paper - Peaceful Spaces, and statistics from Teri of Minimyz. How did they get onto our social media feeds as a post and story? We did the heavy lifting! See all the simple instructions below...

Our clients, chapter, and community will benefit from your knowledge. Our chapter will continue to grow in credibility, which will directly benefit you as a member of our directory. Thank you for sharing!!

Upcoming themes:

FEBRUARY - Time Management
MARCH - Spring Cleaning / Decluttering
APRIL - Earth Day / Eco-Friendly

To have a post created for your information and added to NAPO AZ social media...

Simply e-mail: Marketing@napo-az.com

Subject line: TUESDAY TIP MONTH (see above)

Include: Your business name, website, hashtag, and your tip.

Want to be featured in upcoming posts or stories with content you have already created? If it fits our theme and brand, TAG us @napoaz and HASHTAG #napoaz 

(If we aren't tagged, we likely won't see your information to repost.)

Thank you!!

Because the February chapter meeting will be held online, a selection of books from the Library will next be available at the March chapter meeting. If there is a book you would like before then or if you have any questions, email library@napo-az.com and put in your request. And if you have a book checked out that needs to be returned, please bring it to the March meeting.

Thanks! - Deb Lawrence, NAPO-AZ Librarian

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