Your Proposed Slate of Officers & Directors for 2024-2025!

The NAPO-AZ Nominations Committee is pleased to announce your slate of Officers & Directors for the coming year. 

Voting will take place in person at the March 14th Chapter meeting and via electronic vote starting on March 1st. 

According to the NAPO-AZ Chapter Bylaws, ARTICLE II, SECTION 2. Membership rights. “Members, including Professional Members, Business Partners, and Retired Members, in good standing shall be entitled to vote on matters submitted to a vote of Chapter members. Provisional Members, Employees of Professional Members, and Student Members do not have voting privileges.” 

You will cast one vote for the entire slate of Officers and Directors. The election results will be announced in the April 1 newsletter. 

Below is the list of the candidates and the positions for which they are standing. 

President: Hadiyah Alexander
Laura Voight
Secretary: Sue Sell
Director of Membership: Sarah Nieto

Director of Business Partners- Sabrina Sanchez

For questions, email Sarah, President, at or text 480-648-6170.